Bimini Shark Repellent Bracelet


This attractive bracelet is the only shark repellent jewelry in the world!. Lose the Fear, Love the Ocean!

How it works: You may have heard that sharks can smell blood from long distances, which is true, but did you also know that they can sense the most minute electrical impulses? Using sensors called ampullae, they can pick up ridiculously tiny electric signals. 5/1,000,000,000ths of a volt in fact (yes, that’s billionths).

Shark OFF turns those very senses against the shark – and over stimulates them. While a super low voltage field (like the rapidly beating heart of an injured fish) may attract sharks, Shark OFF’s higher voltage field repels them. Our patented active element gives off enough voltage to make the shark jerk away from it but it is imperceptible to us.